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"Essential Question"-

How the city of ancient rome impact modern Rome? Due the fact that the ancient government then had banded any kind of king from ganing power a republic came to life. The Romans believed that this would prevent and kind of person from gaing too much power. With this new republic government came the senate which consisted of 300 people. Our goverment is similar to this ancient government

"Summary of Research"-


The city of Rome began as a small city-state in Italy that ended up ruling the entire Mediterrianean world.Rome shared the Italian penninsula with many other different cultures, the Etruscans were a civilization that lived in the northern part of the Rome and ruled most of central Italy which included Rome. In 509 B.C. is the day that the romans drove out the Etruscan ruler... this was the dawn the republican government. The Romans believed that setting up a Roman government would prevent people from gaining too much power.

In the early from republic government, the senate was by far the most powerful governing body that consisted of three hundred members known as particians. Yearly 2 consuls would be choosen by the senators to obsereve and supervise government business as well as comand the armies and they were only allowed to serve for one term. The only time that the government would choose a dictator to rule war when the country was at war and they were only allowed complete control over the counry and government for 6 months. The Romans always modeled their dictators after Cincinnatus who the felt was the perfect dictator ever. This is because he organized an army, defeated the attacking army threw and attended a celebration and returned back to his home in the farmlands all within sixteen days. The partisans began to abuse their power which brought about problems between them and the Plebians who were the merchants artisans and farmers of that time and made up ost of the population.





"Project Planning"