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Welcome to the World History Wiki

This Wiki was created as a class project for a high school world history honors class. You are welcome to use the information found in this website for academic purposes. Please note, however, that this is not a primary or secondary source, and you may want to verify the information contained within.

Due to spam attacks, user creation and editing have been disabled. Due to the amount of traffic the site receives, a decision was made to keep it as an artifact of learning rather than something others can add to. Anyone that attempts to abuse or vandalize the wiki will be blocked via IP address.

When we created this wiki in 2008, one student, Joe V., went above and beyond and provided assistance to other students in order to make sure the format was identical on every page. Needed to learn how to insert an image? See Joe. Joe was a very gifted student with technology, and as he moved through the world he had great opportunities; from working at Electronic Arts to starting his own consulting firm to help business harness cloud and internet services most efficiently. Sadly, Joe was taken from his friends and family way too soon in February, 2016. This awesome wiki will be furthermore dedicated to his memory.

World History Wiki

Welcome to the class' wiki where we will record what we learn about world history. You will each be responsible for a page for your current project, plus a group page. Over time this will expand as will our subjects and themes we explore.

The purpose of this wiki is to not only collaborate and reference each other's research, but to build a knowledge base of our lessons from history.

This is your site. This is your space. I do request as this is a part of your learning, please respect the guidelines set forth by Broward Schools Technology Policy.

Have fun!

For Updates and Announcements, be sure to check out the Announcement page!

To start this project, click on Community portal to your left. This is where you'll find all instructions on how to set up your wiki page and all requirements for the wiki. Be sure to check it often as information is updated and further instructions are provided.

The link to Ancient Civilizations on your left will connect you to the sources I am providing, plus links to create and edit your group pages.

Cultural Literacy is well, terms you should be familiar with as high school sophomores.

Project Requirements

    1.  A wiki page will show the evidence of your research.  You must have at least 15 sources of        
        information, 6 of which should come from books, and I will provide another 5 sources for you to 
        use.  Images, maps and other media when appropriate should enhance your wiki page.  This is 30% 
        of your grade.
    2.  Successful completion of advanced searching and copyright mini-lessons.  This will be worth 5% 
        of your grade.
    3.  A script or a project plan and how it fits/answers your essential question and your group's 
        essential question.  This is worth 10% of your grade and will be submitted via google docs.
    4.  Group Participation (15%)
    5.  Your successful project (40%)