Century of Conflict

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Century of Conflict

This is the area you've waited ALL semester for! Have Fun!

Kelly Henschel- The Great Depression

Shanique H - Japan-China War

Merrisa F. - Empire of Japan

Tashauna Williams- Life in The Totalitarian State

Russell B.- Vladimir Lenin

Ryan Michael- World War I

Dina G- Aggression, Appeasement, and War

Ashley Clark-Rise of Hitler

Kennesta N-The Aftermath of World War I

Jade Jakubek- Mohandas Gandhi

Joseph Verderber - Technology and World War II

Nathan Sharp - Two Revolutions in Russia

Ben B-Mexican Revolution

Ngozi W. - America in World War II

Dustin F. - Chinese Revolution

Jessica M-Pearl Harbor

Charlie P - Aftermath of World War II

Brandi K- Czars in Russia

Sean M - Benito Mussolini

Monique B-Causes of WW1

Brittani Cartagena ; ]- Stalin

Sarah T - Women In World War I

Rakira P - Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Arthur C. - Culture in Conflict