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Here is the page for the World History Final: Essay

The LAST project!!!! Here's the information for your final!

Here's the new Wiki Page... Century of Conflict I will add it to the sidebar when I figure out how to do that!

if you hit More... in the bottem left a new page will come up with a list of hidden pages throughout the wiki. From there if you click user list, a list of all the user pages come up.

Also by hitting preferences on the left then hitting skin you can change the style of you wiki...

--Joseph V 14:21, 25 February 2008 (PST)

Welcome back! 8 weeks to go!

We're starting Early Modern Times

Add your name to the page and the link to YOUR page, just like we did before.

Have fun!

At last! Uploading is enabled for images!

Here's a great tutorial from Wikipedia on images:

Have Fun! Make your pages look fabulous!

(don't forget to give credit where credit is due!)


Good Morning!

Has anyone thought about checking out other pages so see what they look like?

Check out my homie, Nate Dogg's Ancient Roman Religion and the rise of Christianinty page.

Joey's Art & Architecture page has a solid example of MLA format.

Dustin & Charlie seem to know their way around the wiki: Dustin's really gone to town on his Olmecs page. Wow. Nice work!

Charlie has set up a great format on his Mayans page.

Ashley has created a bunch of side pages just like you'd find in a wikipedia article. Aztecs Culture Awesome.

Where is your research at? What have you found?

Copyright & Advanced Searching

Read & follow the instructions!

Due Monday, March 3

Has anyone noticed...?

That if you click on your name up in the top right corner...

you get a page to edit about you?

--Miss B. 14:21, 25 February 2008 (PST)