English II Honors
To Kill A Graphic Novel
After reading To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, the students of Ms. Burdo’s English II Honors class decided that they wanted to do a special project with the book. The book’s intense detail and description made it obvious for anyone to imagine the story in front of their eyes. Using technology for Glides and the student’s creativity, each student chose a chapter of the book to outline, design, and draw pictures for the chapter’s story. Using Comic Life each picture was combined with text bubbles and placed on a comic book frame. After each student completed their chapter, they were combined to make the To Kill a Mockingbird graphic novel. This project will potentially teach the student how to use technology in their projects and learn that supporting details can take many forms, creating a “scene” using tools such as theme, motif and symbols. We had a great time creating our novel and like you, we’re anxious to see the finished product as well!