English I Honors
English I Honors
Welcome to Honors English I, a critical class that instills integral reading and writing skills in freshman students. Over the course of this year, we read and scrutinized seven novels in addition to many poems and short stories.
With this GLIDES project, my students were able to transcend the normal “English class” boundaries in order to creatively and critically analyze aspects of selected novels.
Students formed small groups, chose a novel, and discussed what they could teach the average reader about the book that he may have missed. Each group analyzed its selected novel and chose a seemingly unimportant (or hidden) character, symbol, or theme to showcase the importance of.
From there, the students developed their own ideas for technological projects to illustrate their findings. They planned and wrote scripts for their projects, and then recorded and edited.
The end result, after much learning, hard work and teamwork, is what you are about to see. To view the different projects, click on the picture above. Enjoy!